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The “Messer before 1600” Question


The MESSER Line has been tracked by Churchbooks until about 1600, but I am sure that somewhere there are documents available to prove more ancient members of this branch. In case anybody has found them. please inform.....


Another MESSER is documented before 1600 in Nürnberg (Berthold Messer or  Berthold von Nürnberg). I have no link to my MESSERs tor the time being.


The “PLANER” Question

I am looking for a clearly documented link between :
Johannes PLANER, * ca.1630 in Hollenbach, + Dec 8, 1679 in Hollenbach, Händler und Gerichtsverwandter,
(Weizsaecker Ancestor No. 538)
and his assumed father:

Andreas PLANER (von PLAN), * 1602 in Esslingen, + Apr 4, 1673  Stadtphysicusn in Esslingen,, Kgl.schwed.Leibmedicus, is said to be present at the battle of Lützen (1634), where the swedish king Gustav Adolf was killed .
(Weizsaecker Ahn No. 1076)

I found this Link in the ancestor list of Dr.Richard v.Weizsaecker (former president of State of Germany), but there I could not get a more detailled certification that this link is really checked, not even by the professional authors of the mentioned Ancestor list.
My own research shows that this is a realistic assumption, but it is still a quite confusing situation, because the assumed father Andreas PLANER was married at least 4 times. The assumed mother of Johannes was Margarethe Kielmann von Kielmannsegg, who as a fugitive possibly left her child (Johann Philip Planer) in Hollenbach with relatives and later 1635 died in Mainz. This connections are also supported by 2 other researchers
In addition there appears a completely different Johannes PLANER in the churchbooks of Hollenbach, who comes out of a pastor´s family and has his origin in Weissenstadt (Fichtelgebirge).

Lit.: F.W.Euler, Ahnentafel v.Weizsaecker - v.Graevenitz
Herold Studien, Berlin 1992, Page 18-22.


The “Messer in Brabant”-Question

Many years ago I found a heraldic weaponry for MESSER in the  "Rietstap Armorial General" of  Brabant, dating probably from 16./17.century.

The description is this:

Messer: D'argent à un chateau de gueules composè de trois tours réunies celle du milieu supérieure le tout soutenu d'une terrasse d'azur


 My assumption are these ...:

1. MESSER is a typical german surname,
2. MESSER is not a typical surname of Brabant
3. Relations from my home area Hohenlohe to  Brabant are documented:
   -->Dutch Liberation Wars -  support by noble knights with troops from Hohenlohe
4. These relations are also dated in this time. 
.....Scenario: A MESSER person being part of these troops, getting nobility by military successes, founfing family in Brabant....

I dare assume such relation, but would like to have some more concrete proofs.


The Emigration to USA

Thes relations of the  MESSER Linie to USA are known from churchbooks:

1. Wilhelm Heinrich MESSER  *Jan 13, 1830 in Kuenzelsau (D)
      and his  Mutter:
     Maria Margarethe Barbara Anna, geb. HAEFFNER  * Sep 23, 1796 in Kuenzelsau
     emigrated to  USA in 1840 shortly after the death of her spouse:
    Johann Christoph MESSER (*Apr 19, 1793 in Kuenzelsau, + Apr 6,1840, Kuenzelsau) ,who is my direct ancestor.
    Residence, life & death of these persons in USA are not known to me. Evtl. the mother has taken her birth name
    HAEFFNER again.. Both names are of interest in this case.

2. Konrad MESSER  *Mar 12, 1859, in Kuenzelsau, +1914 in San Francisco, CA, USA
    He was the grandson of the mentioned  Johann Christoph MESSER !
    He emigrated around 1900 to  USA, evtl. plasnning to live with the trelatives there (?).
    He married an american girl, but further notice is not available exceept his death in San Francisco.

From Letters to Künzelsau we know about some  MESSERs, born in Künzelsau and living in USA:
+  Gottlieb MESSER, clerk,  Philadelphia (PH)(letter Dec 7, 1872)
+  Rob Master (born MESSER ?),sailor, Philadelphia (PH)(letter Dec 7, 1872)
+  Karl Messer, butcher,  Egg Harbour (?),(letter Apr 14, 1873)
     --> (History of Kuenzelsau, book)

3. An american Prof.MESSER is reported to have visited the area of Künzelsau about 1952 to do genealogic research. but there is no further information available..

In case you have more information about this case, please inform by mail.


The Emigration to Russia

There is a village called MESSER  documented in an american Website (Germans to Russia Newsletter 95/65) ,
This village has a modern name now, but is was located close to the river Wolga.
Since there where several emigration waves to Russia in the past, I am interested in more details about this history.
Eventually one of my past relatives has also emigrated and was  the leader, Mayor or such function, giving the name....


The Emigration to UK

From a genealogist in Glasgow I got this information:

* Euphemia Galloway Robertson MESSER (Oct 21,1875 - Mar 3,1965)

Her father was:
* Robert MESSER (1851-1931) oo.1873  Jane Robertson (1850-1930)

Her grandfather
* Robert MESSER ( ? - ? ) oo  Ann (Agnes) Black ( ? - ? )
              His origin was not known to my discussion partner in Glasgow.

When I visited Glasgow in 1991 about 15 MESSER persons could be found in the telephone book of Glasgow.

.Any information about this is of interest to me. 


My special Searches

Messer, Kasimir ,*1584,  Kuenzelsau   -  +28.10.1634, Kuenzelsau     ancestors/dates?  

Weingärtner, Johann Heinrich, *05.04.1779 Crispenhofen;  +     Crispenhofen    ancestors/dates?
oo Volp, Eva Maria            *11.04.1778  Crispenhofen;   +18.07.1847  Crispenhofen     ancestors/dates?

Stier, Marie Kath.Marg.  *21.01.1821 Crispenhofen;  +10.12.1873      Crispenhofen  ancestors/dates?

Weingärtner, Sebastian  *1592  Morsbach;   + 21.01.1645    ??      ancestors/dates? 

Haeffner, Maria Marg.Barbara  *23.09.1796 Kuenzelsau;  ausgewandert nach USA ....ancestors/dates?

Mueller, Magdalena Ursula  *30.01.1805 Markt-Aufkirch, Mittelfranken  + 26.09.1879 Calw    ancestors/dates?
--> Vater: Müller, Johann Gottlieb * Welzheim  ???
               oo   Hänlin, Barbara  ?    ?

Gerner, Agnes Margarethe  *1750 Schäftersheim;  +12.02.1806 Hollenbach      ancestors/dates?
 oo Planer, Johann Peter *12.06.1741 Hollenbach;  +30.10.1792 Hollenbach                    

Weinmann, Johann Friedrich *12.09.1744 Schäftersheim;  +1796 Hollenbach      ancestors/dates?
    oo Schaefer, Philippine Margaretha. *19.05.1747  Unterschuepf;  +24.12.1808 Hollenbach   ancestors/dates?    


  • Information about Gundelfinger before  Hans Gundelfinger (*1370; +1434, Nördlingen) ?  Locations Nördlingen and  Ulm
  • Ancestors of Veltin Zoller *1530 in Biberach--
  • My ancestors  Moersch from Calw und before that  Ulm had interesting female marriage lines. 
    Who knows more about their families ?
    - Mueller in Welzheim, before 1830
    - Kirchherr in the area of  Calw,  before 1840
    - Lodholz in the area of  Calw,  before  1840
    - Wiedmann in the area of  Calw, before  1840
    - Hammer in the area of  Calw, before   1860
    - Schwarz in the area of  Calw, before  1800
  • My franconian ancestors are thes families.  Earlier lines are of interest.

    Müller in Neuherberg, Reusch, Burgbernheim before 1800, evtl. with marriages and side lines.
    Härterich in  Oberlaimbach before 1750, evtl. with marriages and side lines..
    Hertlein in Dietersheim, Münchsteinach, Neuebersbach before 1720, evtl. with marriages and side lines..
    Stang in  Neuebersbach, Gutenstetten before 1750, evtl. with marriages and side lines.
    Binder in Mittelsteinach, Oberstrahlbach before 1750, evtl. with marriages and side lines.
    Nieberlein in  Oberlaimbach, Rorbach before 1780, evtl. with marriages and side lines..
    Goesswein in Neuebersbach before 1800, evtl. with marriages and side lines.
    Götz,  Goller in  Markt Bergel before 1850, evtl. with marriages and side lines.
    Schmid in Custenlohr before 1800, evtl. with marriages and side lines..
    Ströbel, Hertel in  Dottenheim, Dietersheim before 1700, evtl. with marriages and side lines.

 Will be continued...                             

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