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The MESSER in Künzelsau (Hohenlohe-Franken)


The surname MESSER of my own Familyline  can be followed in Künzelsau back to about 1600 from churchbooks. Before that date my forefathers were already active there with high probability, often as craftsmen, farmers and  and wine producers. Any additional information to the time before 1600 will be gratefully received. The area of Hohenlohe has a rather high density of “MESSER” inhabitants and can be seen genealogically as a nest.
Künzelsau is a small town today upon the river “Kocher” in the trianagle of Franconia, Badenia and Wuerttemberg. It was first time mentioned about 1000 years ago in an official document. The name “Hohenlohe” of this area comes from a noble family “von Hohenlohe” which has produced many important figures in political life and still exists today. They are closely related to the british Royals. This old area of Hohenlohe allways used to be directly ruled under the imperator without intermediate dukes. And last but not least : it conserved the franconian language, meaning that I am not a Suebian !


Because of the quite low mobility in the old times people mostly marriaged close by (max.20-30 km), and therefore my family has many relations to the villages around Künzelsau. Documents about people of this area may be found in the sources below, that I could not contact myself until today. 

 * Hohenlohe'sches Zentral Archiv in Neuenstein, 15 km from Kuenzelsau, providing much stuff about the
         Hohenlohe Nobility and their rural properties and people.

 * Wuerttembergisches Landesarchiv in Ludwigsburg, with Military Lists, Tax documents and property Books

Both are closely linked together and can be researched online. If you know any other interesting links, please inform. especially in case you have MESSERs in your own ancestor lists.


The FUNK Linie in Belsenberg

This family name appears in the small village belsenberg close to Künzelsau and is one of the oldest names there also going back to 1600. Basically I am related to many existing Belsenberg inhabitants.  The family shows many farmers, land workers, wine growers, and craftsmen.
 The Belsenberg area over some centuries belonged to the Lords of Hohenlohe or to the property of a mixed reign of secular and clerical Owners   (Mainz,  Würzburg, Comburg, Stetten, Hohenlohe,...).
Just over Belsenberg in the hills you can find a mystic place of a said celtic sanctuary, a cult place for the old god Belenus (Bel, Baal). I have visited this place but I only found a small meadow with some irregularities on the ground. You must feel it....


The MOERSCH Linie in Calw / Ulm

The  MOERSCH family (older: MERSCH) from Calw in the Black Forest came with my grandmother, and was researched in the 1920`s quite well and back to the 14th century unfortunately only by collectinig names and dates, but no background stories. In teh meantime I know that there is more beyond. This family came originally from Ulm /Donau.
End of 17th century one of my female ancestors was accused for witchcraft, apparently caused by a neighbourhood announcement with some long background. In front of court she was given freedom, but had to leave the town with her youngest son (my Ancestor). - Honi soit qui mal y pense.....


The PLANER Linie in Württemberg

By accident I came to stumble over the PLANER family by analyzing the ancestors of the former federal president of Germany Dr. Richard v. Weizsäcker.   This name also apears in my ancestor list and I could make the link. THis family goes back to the 15th century to Bozen in Southern Tirol, former Habsburg, and today Italy. The the old chief of the family earned a title form emperor Maximilian. In those days the family called themselves “von Plan”, which is something like the british “Sir”.  With this connection I am related to quite a number of other celebrities.   
But:  In this ancestor list ther is an unclear point which could not clarified even by the (professional)  authors of the Weizsäcker Ancestor list.  .
For Interested Nerds :The Planer Question


The suebian Poet-Relationship

Unfortunately I repeat the I am not a real Suebian guy (I am a franconian Hohelohe guy) because my relations are not so close, despite the fact, that most native southern Germany people are related to the famous Poets like Eduard Möricke,  Hermann and Isolde Kurz, Christoph Martin Wieland,  Friedr. W.J. von Schelling, and some others.
One of my ancestors was married with Anna Wurzelmann (+1560) from Dinkelsbühl who came from a house that appears in all ancestor lists of the poets.  My female ancestor was the second wife of another ancestor celebrity Michael Birndumpfel (Zytogurgus), but at least that.
Besides that I found by intensive research that I have a distant relationship to the american actress Grace Kelly, the later Ducess Gracia Patricia of Monaco.  I feel honoured ...


The  ZOLLER family of protestant pastors

One ancestor, living close to Künzelsau was the protestant pastor Philipp Zoller, who is a crossing point for severeal lines. First he was married to Ursula Romig from an important Hohenlohe genealogy source family and in addition his mother had her origin in the Gundelfinger family, that has to be analysed more...

One Grandfather of Philip Zoller is said to have been poisoned by two Jesuit monks after a strong disussion about religious basics. No proof of that available. I assume that in his hometown Biberach some sources should be available about this legend..     

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