Genealogy (engl)

My ancestor list of family names...

My list of family names also includes the years and locations of appearance. It offers the chance to find connections where you can deliver more persons to me, or others, where I can help you with more ancestors. 

My actual searches...

Since in my ancestor list still are many gaps (not around Adam & Eve, but in 19th and 18th century), I have decided to explain my specially burning questions/searches on a special page. Whoever can help me there, will earn my gratitude.

Some interesting short stories on ancestors....

I have collected a number of stories and can offer them here for your genealogic relaxation or special interest. Perhaps you can also use them, if we have the same ancestors.

 Articles on important genealogic topics...

Since long time I have written expert articles on general genalogic issues of common interest. These papers have already been published earlier, but are still valid, or even more valid than at date of publishing. In case you want to use them, please ask. Actually they are written in german.  Copyright is with me.

 A contribution to Genealogy - Mathematics and Analysis

II was thinking about the Kekulé-Numbering and  how  to use it for analysis of Implex situations with a new kind of graphic scheme. This is partly a little mathematical, but very interesting for bigger Ancestor Lists. You find it in  Genealo-Analyse  actually in german language.


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